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Plantation Faux Wood White Interior Shutter (Price Varies by Size) or other window treatment options, a less expensive way to get that tropical shutter look. Even if you are not on a budget, vinyl shutters offer an easy-to-care-for alternative.
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I prefer to do all of my ladder work at once when I install the shutters. I got them all centered, leveled and installed. And they looked great. About a week went by and we ended up getting several days of heavy rain. When the rain ended, I was on the exterior of the home and I saw a few little places on a couple of the shutters that looked like blisters.

Then several days later we got even more rain. This time I noticed even more blisters, but only on the new shutters. The old re-painted wood shutters looked perfect. I got up on the ladder for closer inspection. And it was at this point that I realized two things.

Wood Window Shutters

I was going to have to do something to correct this problem. After a bit of deliberation and online research, I decided to repurchase 3 more sets of shutters and try again. This did cross my mind. And for the amount of time that I would likely spend trying to get the vinyl shutters completely free of paint, I could buy 3 new sets, and paint them correctly and be done. The key step that I overlooked was priming the vinyl shutters or painting them with a paint that was specifically designed for vinyl.

This time I sprayed the shutters with a vinyl primer that came in an aerosol can. After priming I applied the same exterior grade paint that I had previously erroneously used without vinyl primer.

Vinyl Shutters by NDB

The shutters came out looking exactly the same once they dried. I installed them and waited for the rain. The rain came and went and came and went, with no issues. The peeling paint issue was solved.

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They say experience is the key. I have quite a bit of experience painting wood shutters, however, this was the first time I ever fooled with vinyl shutters.


In retrospect, I should have taken a few moments to read the instructions and heeded their warning. Want to see a project where all the preparation in the world would not have helped? Check out this post I wrote about a really gross complete bathroom remodel including before and after pictures and video! There are two main options for painting shutters, The fashioned tried and true method is with a paint brush. In some instances using a paint roller along with the paintbrush can also speed up the overall paint process. But it will be slow and you will need to be careful not to allow the paint to run down the louvers of the shutters.

It can be tempting to load the brush with paint and jamb it in between the louvers, and you can, but this will affect the look of the overall finished project.

Take your time and watch for runs and make sure to get good coverage in the corners of each louver. Also, be aware that this technique will also leave brush strokes. The are some newer types of paint that level out once applied, which will help combat brush strokes. Applying paint with an airless paint sprayer is far and away the fastest and easiest way to paint shutters and it leaves the smoothest paint finish hands down. I would suggest that you spend the extra money and buy your own sprayer tip for the rental pain sprayer.

Eclipse Shutters with UltraSatin finish will add sophistication and elegance to your windows. They will last many years with minimal care. These reasons are why Eclipse Shutters have been the number-one selling plantation shutter in North America for over 20 years. Exus wooden shutters are made from a range of North American natural timbers. Basswood is selected for use in shutters due to its many qualities including its resistance to bowing and warping when kiln dried properly.

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