Find out if someone is at the hospital

The simplest way to find someone who is in the hospital is to check with patient information. If there is not a patient information department available, you can.
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Hospital Admissions

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By Your Side Q&A The Hospital Visit

FuzzySheep Badges: Report Thread starter 7 years ago 1. The last text I was sent was them on the train home in the late evening, so I'm worried something may have happened on their walk home. I don't have the contact details of his parents or friends or anything. I understand this sounds a bit neurotic, but if I call up the local hospital, can I be told if someone has been admitted? Thank you! Not what you're looking for? Report 7 years ago 2. Yes you can You need to be able to provide details such as a date of birth and an address.

I hope everything's ok x. Report 7 years ago 3. Have you checked with their other friends or family?

You may be able to track down their address online. Report 7 years ago 4. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 5.

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Report Thread starter 7 years ago 6. He's not there. Report 7 years ago 7. Original post by FuzzySheep He's not there.

PhoenixFortune Universities Forum Helper. Badges: Report 7 years ago 8. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 9. Since found out that their phone has just been broken since that night, all is fine, thanks guys!

Chemani Badges: 1. Report 2 years ago Hello dear. My sister in low sh disappear from yesterday Midday. But I want to check with hospitals around London. As shes in holiday her.

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And she don't speak English. Please can some one help me to contact the hospitals.

How to Find Out If Someone You Know Has Been Arrested or Incarcerated

Back to top. Related discussions. My Feed. Oops, nobody has posted in the last few hours. Why not re-start the conversation? Oops, nobody is replying to posts. This information can help you quickly locate patients in the hospital setting. Having a loved one, friend or family member in a hospital can be a stressful and difficult time for everyone involved.

WebMD states that it is important for the patient to have a friend or relative who can stay at the hospital and advocate for them. In some cases, finding a person that has been admitted to a hospital can be difficult without a certain amount of information.

When to Go to the ER

There are a few things that can be done in order to make this process smoother and get you to your loved one's side quickly. The first thing you need to do to locate a person in a hospital is to gather as much information as you can about the person that you are looking for.

Without an accurate first and last name, most hospitals will not give out any patient information. If you can find out the individual's date of birth, that may also be helpful in making sure you have located the right person. Call the hospital where your loved one is located and ask for patient information. Many hospitals even have an automated system you can utilize to look up the telephone number to the patient's room.

If you are not sure which hospital the individual is staying at, call the hospital closest to their home first and then the next closest one, and so on.

Refused request

When you get the hospital representative on the phone, give them patient's first and last name. Be prepared to answer questions, such as the exact spelling of the person's name. Knowing more about the person, such as their home address and telephone number, can help if the name is incorrect. Write down the room number, which floor the patient is located on and any other information that you are given by the hospital employee.