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A name and shame register for convicted paedophiles is now one step closer to Australia one step closer to public sex offender register after.
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Called the Community Protection Register, it contains the names and photographs of convicted repeat offenders who live in the vicinity. However, interviews with key stakeholders, including police and practitioners, have raised concerns that public registration is counter-rehabilitative and could increase the risk of reoffending.

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There's more to read! Subscribe to LSJ today to access the rest of our updates, articles and multimedia content. You've reached the end of this article preview There's more to read! Ms Johnston told Daily Mail Australia the law is 'flawed' and a 'waste' of taxpayers' money.

Federal Budget dedicates $7.8 million for child sex offender list

She highlighted a number of 'flaws' in the proposed registry such as only having access to the identity of registered child sex offenders - which are just a small percentage of paedophiles that are ever known to police. She also pointed out that the majority of offenders are people trusted by children, such as relatives or family friends. She urged the Federal Government to adopt Western Australia's register model, which is based on the UK's 'Sarah's Law' - allowing the community to contact police if they are concerned about a person in their child's life.

Mr Hinch tweeted that the register finding its way into the budget is 'giant step forward States get on board'. The law, which came about after a campaign by the News of the World newspaper, is named for eight-year-old Sarah Payne, who was abducted and murdered in The man who killed Sarah lived eight kilometres away from where she was taken.

Under the law, police can disclose someone's criminal record for child sex offences to parents, carers and guardians. They can disclose the information if it is in the interests of protecting a child from harm.

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Miss Payne's parents first proposed the law so parents could be aware of child sex offenders living near their homes. It was signed into law by Bill Clinton after the murder of seven-year-old Megan Kanka at the hands of a convicted sex offender. The little girl's family did not know they were living near the killer, who was sharing a home with two other sex offenders. States such as California now have searchable websites where concerned citizens can search the names of child sex offenders. Pictures, crimes, distinguishing features and even addresses of sex offenders are freely available online, provided users agree to terms and conditions.

This is what a sex offender register in Australia would look like | Daniel Morcombe

Users can also search a ten mile radius of their home to see if they live near a sex offender. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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A name and shame register for convicted paedophiles is now one step closer to becoming a reality. The Coalition suggested a publicly available sex offenders register before the federal election, and since their shock win over Labor, the idea is now on track to becoming a usable system for concerned Australians.

It would, however, include the suburb they lived in. The public database will be managed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, and information will be gathered by state police agencies.

Law Council of Australia president Arthur Moses said a mandatory child sex offender registry could pose certain problems, including the possibility of members of society feeling compelled to become vigilantes. Bravehearts founder and executive director Hetty Johnston said in January there was only one place for sex offenders.