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After September 1, all documents, unless sealed by court order, will be visible to the public. Electronic Filing of court documents is now mandatory in Erie County through the New York State Court may be found here, at the 8th Judicial District website, and at New York State Courts' Electronic Buffalo, New York
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The cities that kept early vital records included:.

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In , New York created a State Board of Health which was given the responsibility of overseeing the registration of vital statistics. New York then passed a law that required births, marriages, and deaths be reported to the town, village, or city clerk within three days of their occurrence. The local clerks were then to create a copy of each vital record and forward the originals to the State Board of Health. An addendum established penalties for those who failed to report vital events. Because Albany, Buffalo, Yonkers, New York, and Brooklyn were already keeping their own vital records when the Law was passed, they were considered exempt.

Statewide registration of vital statistics began in and was usually complied with by for deaths and by for births. In some areas of Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley, some births, marriages, and deaths were recorded in town records as early as about For example, Amenia, Dutchess County, has vital records beginning in Few towns complied with this early law, however. Births, marriages, and deaths were also recorded for a short time in most counties from to about The state legislature passed a law in requiring school district clerks to send information to the Secretary of State. The law was difficult to enforce, and most school districts stopped doing this by Historical societies have some of these records, but most are still in the possession of town and county clerks.

The very few — vital records that were once on deposit in the New York State Archives have been returned to the towns that deposited them at the archives. Click here to see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of New York county birth records.

Click here to see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of New York county death records. Births and deaths are recorded in the town, village, or city where the event took place. If you know the birth or death place, write to the town, village, or city clerk to obtain a copy of the certificate or record. Ten copies of the official New York state microfiche index are available to be searched in New York. Without this list, these copies can be difficult to locate because of misinformation and a limited web presence. The New York State Archives website lists the following information: [9] Copies of the microfiche index to vital records certificates held by the NYS Department of Health are located at the following locations:.

Available Monday through Friday, , and Saturday, except State holidays. No appointment is needed to use the indexes. Researchers must produce identification, sign a registration form, and comply with the rules of the research room. Several microfiche readers are available for use, however, researchers will be limited to one hour's use of a microfiche reader, if other persons are waiting to use the readers.

Note: Staff will search index for a fee. Note: Staff will conduct a basic look-up at no charge. Patchogue-Medford Library—54 E. Main Street, Patchogue, NY ; telephone ; website www. Finding your ancestor on the index is only the first step. You can obtain births and deaths since except New York City for a fee by writing to:.

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There is a year restriction on death records and a year restriction on birth records. The state fees and restrictions apply also to records held by the local clerks. Birth and death records for Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers to are filed with local registrars, and the state restrictions apply. Albany births and deaths , births to the present, and deaths to the present can be obtained for a fee from:. New York City.

The Bronx was made a separate borough when the five boroughs were created in , and in it was made a separate county as well. Marriages in colonial times were initiated either by publishing the banns in church on three successive Sundays or by obtaining a civil marriage bond and license. The Prerogative Court granted marriage licenses between and Most people published the banns since buying a license could cost a month's wages. Many marriage bonds were destroyed in a fire in Those that survived are at the state archives.

The index is especially good for the years prior to and in the Hudson and Mohawk valleys from — New York is one of the few states that does not have county marriage records dating back to the time when each county was formed.

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From —, county clerks kept copies of marriages filed with the town clerks and also sent copies to Albany. Some counties, though, recorded marriages only to or These are online at FamilySearch for all counties except Albany, Dutchess, and Erie and the city area.

To see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of New York county marriage records, click here. Town and city clerks generally began registering marriages in Copies are sent to the state capital in Albany. Between and about , before the state began registering vital statistics, some marriages were recorded by justices of the peace, and some were recorded by school districts. If you know where a marriage took place, you can write to the town, village, or city clerk to request a copy of the certificate or record. You will be required to attest to these statements again in the member's area prior to conducting your search.

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As required by the DPPA, we will retain a record of your request, including your name and selected permitted purpose s. These records are commonly requested by the divorced party who needs a copy of their own divorce record for name change purposes or even an application for a new marriage license to someone else.

Even if the sole intent of searching for a divorce record is to ensure someone has the relationship status they promote during a relationship, this is a record available to anyone to view. Alternative Ordering Options Phone orders are an option for anyone who is looking to obtain copies of divorce records in New York.

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