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We are a Florida based Professional sand Sculpting Company but travel the world. Weddings, Marriage Proposals, Birthday or Special Occasion Sand Sculptures Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York.
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To commemorate the event, they opted for a four-foot sculpture in the shape of a compass rose with an anchor down the middle.

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Their names were engraved on either side. Sand sculptures seem to be what ice sculptures once were, minus the melting issue; impressively designed, highly personalized and offering an unexpected wow factor.

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And in case of rain, protective covering saves the sculpture from the same fate of melting ice. For those having destination weddings held on sugary white sandy beaches, tributes made out of sand are taking center stage and becoming surprisingly popular.

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Rossomando, 34, a sales operation manager. When you get married at a hotel, there are always other people around. This marked our territory.

Having our names on it helped as well. At the Ritz-Carlton resorts in Naples, Fla. Sculptures capture that personal relationship. They, too, chose the Casa Marina because of the sculpture option.

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Greenwood, chief operating officer at an IV hydration and wellness clinic. The pair, who live in Georgia, met on Tinder in after Match. Greenwood, from Connecticut, came with Mac, a 4-year-old pound German shorthaired pointer.

Greenwood had Scarlet, a year-old pound Sheltie. Greenwood said. With that in mind, the pair decided the sculpture would be of their dogs.


The hotel connected the couple with their sand designer. Emails were exchanged over a few months.

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