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Tonya Harding is an American figure skater who ruined her future in the Harding's manager, and she accused him of abuse, filing for divorce.
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Harding's life, career, and role in the Kerrigan attack have been widely referenced in popular culture; appearing in television, film, music, as well as a primary campaign speech by former President Barack Obama. Because Harding admitted to obstructing the investigation of Nancy Kerrigan's assault, her name is often first associated with the scandal. However, numerous academic essays have theorized additional reasons, particularly considering her national class culture and past figure skating membership, for Harding's perceived social stigmatization.

He noted how she was subjected to a "litany of vaguely pejorative or mocking expressions" associated with "low class" cultural attributes, sometimes due to Harding's personal interests and hobbies. Stoloff theorized that Harding represented an American social class that required interpretation "the class Other" as he referenced the anthropological tone of Susan Orlean 's essay "Figures in a Mall," written for The New Yorker.

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In academic Sarah Marshall's essay entitled "Remote Control: Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and the Spectacles of Female Power and Pain," she noted the pervasive role of the media in the scandal, particularly the manner in which Harding's life outside the realm of skating became publicly scrutinized: "Somehow, in the scandal's aftermath, the form of the Tonya-bash was able to alchemize even the most chilling details of Tonya's life into tabloid gold. She theorized that Harding was rejected by the figure skating ethos because she did not conform — as Marshall believed many figure skaters including Nancy Kerrigan did — to appearing as "beautiful without being sexual, strong without being intimidating, and vulnerable without being weak.

The quotation explored how Gray believed Harding was labelled "the skating world's perfect villain" due to her appearance, broken home , and impoverished background. He defined the "Defender" as a person or persons who sympathize s with the working poor , a group including the white underclass. The "Defender" would blame the plight of the poor on societal and economic factors, yet the "Defender" would continue to reinforce conventional values such as distinguishing the class border.

Knowles argued that Harding did not belong in the "Defender's" approved category of "poor white" because she did not — in the opinion of the "Defender" — make enough effort, given her figure skating membership, to assimilate towards elite culture. The "Defender" wanted Tonya Harding to use her USFSA membership for social mobility , caring little whether she could prove herself to be among the best Olympic competitors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American figure skater.

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Interview: A look at domestic violence with Tonya Harding

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LaVona Golden got 15 minutes off work as a restaurant cashier It won't be the way it was for us, not to have much of anything'. Retrieved July 31, I was separated from Jeff [at the] time in ' I never told anybody because I knew the person. It was a friend of mine. And my mother and father came home and said I was [lying about the harassment]. Rolonda Retrieved August 5, Retrieved August 3, Who was your coach Figure Skating Results". Senior-level Ladies. January 7, Retrieved July 27, Retrieved December 22, The New York Times.

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