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Before taking out the calculator and getting started on the budget, read on about the costs involved for couples who choose to tie the knot in Massachusetts, and what kind of budget you're looking at for a wedding in this state, according to the The Knot Real Weddings Study. If you were wondering how many people are tying the knot every year in Massachusetts, you'll be surprised to learn the state is well below the national average at 5. By breaking down expenses when planning your wedding, you streamline the interaction with vendors and find success at negotiating rates.

The chart above gives you a good idea about the average costs in two of the most popular cities for wedding venues in Massachusetts, which are Boston and Cape Cod. With such a wide variety of Massachusetts wedding venues across the state, there are multiple options to choose from, ranging from quiet beaches to vibrant cities. The following two locations are the most popular ones for weddings in Massachusetts:. Take care of the legal details that involve getting your Massachusetts marriage license and changing your name, so you can enjoy your wedding day without a glitch.

The application process for getting a Massachusetts marriage license varies across different cities and towns. Get all the information you need beforehand so you have all the documents required. Each county clerk office has different requirements and may ask the couple for particular documents. As a rule of thumb, you'll be required to:. There is a three-day waiting period to receive your Massachusetts marriage license, counted from the day the application is accepted.

The license is only available for 60 days, and if you're not married within this period, you need to apply for a new one.

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Besides having a marriage license, you also need someone to perform the actual ceremony. In Massachusetts, there are four groups of individuals who can legally marry you:. For some of the wedding venues in Massachusetts, you need to apply for a special wedding permit prior to the ceremony.

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For example, if you plan on having your wedding at a DCR State Park, you need to contact the staff to check availability and complete any of their required permits. In some cases, taking wedding photographs may also require a special permit. If you're eager to have your wedding in one of the beautiful DCR parks of Massachusetts, such as Borderland State Park, the Willowdale Estate at the Bradley Palmer State Park in Topsfield, or Walden Pond State Reservation in Concord, check for available dates, allowing plenty of time before the ceremony to avoid disappointment, as these are very popular venues.

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Some of them may have restrictions in place for certain periods, such as between Memorial Day and Columbus Day, due to the number of visitors during that time. If you've decided to change your name after the wedding, it's actually easy to do so in Massachusetts. Have a look at our guide to changing your name to learn all the details. You can also streamline the process by using a name change service like HitchSwitch. Even though summer and fall are the most popular seasons for a wedding in Massachusetts, winter and spring can also provide an excellent setting, thanks to the multitude of wedding venues that offer indoor ceremonies.

Just 5 percent of the couples who got married in in Boston and 3 percent of those in Cape Cod chose to do so between December and February.

But if you're after warmer temps for your wedding day, but still want to avoid peak season, join the 16 percent of Boston couples and 15 percent of Cape Cod ones who decided to tie the knot in the spring. There are several reasons most couples in Massachusetts choose to celebrate their love in summer and fall. The typical summer weather in The Bay State averages a high of 80 degrees, with average night temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees, providing a very comfortable setting for an evening ceremony.

Summer thunderstorms are fairly frequent, at about 30 per year, but the good news is they generally roll through quickly, so even if one happens on your wedding day, it's not a guarantee for disaster. Choosing a wedding date is more than just thinking of a day that sounds really good for your anniversary.

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Depending on the Massachusetts location you decided on for your wedding, try to avoid weekends when local events take place. This ensures your guests can arrive comfortably without experiencing major traffic jams and that they can easily find hotel accommodations. Avoid busy weekends and national holidays if you're on a budget, as the prices for everything tend to escalate considerably during those times. Check out our comprehensive guide of wedding dates to avoid in , and to make the best choice.

And be sure to have a look at the following local events that take place in in Massachusetts:.

Marriage Laws for Massachusetts

Keeping everyone happy is one of the key ingredients of a successful wedding, so couples should do their best to create a welcoming environment their friends and family will appreciate. With the large selection of Massachusetts wedding venues, it's actually easy to offer everyone a fun experience. A good start is to create your own wedding website to keep everyone updated and informed before the event.

With diverse activities that range from the vibrant Boston downtown to amazing beaches, peaceful woods and wonderful parks, entertaining your guests before and after the wedding is really simple. The Boston Logan International Airport connects Massachusetts with all other US states, so no matter where your guests reside, they can reach the wedding venue with ease, thanks to the numerous flights available. Taxi services are available from and to the airports, and bus services are available in all urban areas.

Boston and other areas in the state offer countless parking options for guests who decide to drive.

Most of the regional food in North England is deeply rooted in history, so borrow from tradition when planning your wedding menu, whether both of you hail from this area or if you invite relatives from all corners of the country or even the world. From fresh Maine lobster to cheese from Vermont dairies, mix flavors and textures to create an authentic yet unique menu.

Seafood is highly ranked in Massachusetts, and if you have your wedding in the Boston area, check out Neptune Oyster for fabulous fresh fish and oysters, or the Daily Catch for Sicilian-style seafood and amazing pasta. For the Cape Cod region, the Lobster Pot serves fresh seafood, while Spanky's Clam Shack is the place to go for fried clams, shrimp and scallops.

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We respect your privacy. If you want to get married in Massachusetts, you'll have to get a marriage license first. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a marriage license in the Bay State. You and your future partner both have to appear at the city or town's Clerk's Office. Ready for a marriage license?

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Not so fast. You first have to fill out out an application called a "Notice of Intention to Marry. You must come in person -- these forms can't be processed by mail. There is a three-day waiting period to get the actual marriage license. If either person was previously married, he or she must show certified documents on how previous marriage ended such as divorce, annulment, or death. Also, you don't have to have a physical examination or get a blood test to receive a marriage license in Massachusetts. The following table highlights the main provisions of Massachusetts marriage license laws.

Because marriage laws can sometimes get complicated, it may also be a good idea to consult an experienced family law attorney if you have questions about your specific situation.