Find ip address of sql server

First, make sure that you are on the server computer. You can check by searching for "SQL server management studio" in windows. If it show's.
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Click the Dashboard link at the top of the page. Scroll down and click the link to Manage allowed IP addresses in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

how to find sql server ip address

On successful connection, you will see the data source listed under the Data Sources Tab. In case of issues, you will see an intuitive message on the screen.

Navigate to DB Security Groups from the left sidebar and select one of your security groups. A form for a CIDR will be presented.

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This will allow Ubiq to access your RDS instance. Please replace the parts in bold below as per your requirement. This will create a read-only user that Ubiq can use to access your database.

My Use Case

We can do read-write operations on the primary replica only. In the application configuration, we can use the Primary replica instance name. It has a drawback in that if failover happens and the secondary replica takes over the role as primary, all user connections need to repoint to the new primary replica after failover. It is not an ideal scenario to change the application connection string each time after a failover.

A virtual network name always points to the primary replica. The client application does not need to know the underlying configuration of Always On replica.

Multi-Subnet SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

Then click on Add Listener. You can open the failover cluster manager and view Roles.

In the Roles, you can see a virtual network name listener name along with virtual IP. We need to configure one virtual IP for each subnet.

How to find your database IP address and SQL port – Pacific Amber Technologies Inc.

Once a client connects via DNS to resolve the virtual network name, it returns all available IP addresses. Suddenly due to some network issues, the Availability group fails over to the Secondary replica in DR. The application tries to connect the primary replica using the Listener. It connects with DNS to resolve its virtual network name and gets a list of multiple IP addresses in return. The application tries to connect with the first IP address and could not connect to it.

Once it gets a timeout issue, it checks for another IP address, and the connection is established. It is a trial and error approach. If we have multiple subnets, the application connection might get delayed further.

How To Connect SQL Server with Internet

Once we enable this parameter, the Application tries to connect both IP address simultaneously.