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Justin was born in in St Mary, Jamaica WI where I was also born. Help me to find this person: I am searching for an abandoned baby. She was left on.
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By the end of the 18th century, the city contained more than 3, brick buildings.

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The harbour fostered trade, and played part in several naval wars of the 18th century. Kingston took over the functions of Spanish Town the capital at the time. These functions included agriculture, commercial, processing and a main transport hub to and from Kingston and other sections of the island. In , Kingston had a population of 25,, which was about a tenth of the overall population of the island. One in every four people living in Kingston was white, and there was a large population of free people of color there too, meaning that two out of every five people living in Kingston were free.

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The remaining three-fifths of Kingston's population was made up of black slaves. The government passed an act to transfer the government offices to Kingston from Spanish Town, which occurred in In , people died in another earthquake known as the Kingston earthquake , destroying nearly all the historical buildings south of Parade in the city. These three-story-high buildings were built with reinforced concrete.

Construction on King Street in the city was the first area to breach this building code.

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During the s, island-wide riots led to the development of trade unions and political parties to represent workers. The city became home to the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies founded in , [11] with 24 medical students. Not until the s did major change occur in the development of Kingston's city centre. These developments led to an influx of shops and offices, and the development of a new financial centre: New Kingston, which replaced the Knutsford Racetrack. Multi-story buildings and boulevards were placed within that section. In Kingston was the host city to the Commonwealth Games.

The western section of the city was not the focus of development, and that area proved to be politically tense. The s saw deteriorating economic conditions that led to recurrent violence and a decline in tourism which later affected the island. In the general elections, the democratic socialist People's National Party PNP government was voted out, and subsequent governments have been more market-oriented.

Within a global urban era, the s saw that Kingston has made efforts to modernise and develop its city structure and functions.

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The majority of the population of Kingston is of African descent. Large minority ethnic groups include East Indians and Chinese, who came to the country as indentured servants in the late 19th century. The Chinese occupy important roles in Jamaica's economy especially in the retail markets in Downtown Kingston and the wider metropolitan area. There is also a minority of Europeans , mostly descending from immigrants from Germany and Great Britain. Syrians and Lebanese form one of the most influential ethnic groups in not only Kingston, but the entire island. Though a minority ethnic group, the Lebanese were able to give Jamaica one of its prime ministers, Edward Philip George Seaga.

There is a strong undercurrent of bias based on skin color as darker skinned Jamaicans are usually at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder; a phenomenon evidenced by the disproportionate representation of foreigners and mixed-race individuals in lucrative private sector and government positions. Multi-racial Jamaicans continue to form the second largest racial group, and there is also a small Jewish population in the city. There is a wide variety of Christian churches in the city. Most are Protestant , a legacy of British colonisation of the island. Afro-Christian syncretic religions such as the Rastafari movement also have a significant following.

The city also has communities of Buddhists and Muslims. Kingston plays a central role in Jamaica's economy. The vast majority of economic activity takes place within Kingston, and as most government ministries are located in the city, it is a key force in legislation in regards to Jamaica's finances. The high population density of the capital city means that the majority of monetary transactions occur in Kingston - stimulating much of Jamaica's local economy.

The city is also home to the highest number of schools , hospitals and universities anywhere in Jamaica.

Kingston is also the island's main transportation hub [14] and its largest seaport. Many multinational conglomerates and financial institutions are headquartered in and around the Kingston Metropolitan Area. Air Jamaica was headquartered in Kingston. The city's major industries include tourism, apparel manufacturing, and shipping.

The city is on the Liguanea plain, an alluvial plain alongside the Hope River. Kingston experiences frequent earthquakes, including the earthquake.

Kingston has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet-and-dry climate Aw , that borders on a hot semi-arid climate BSh. During the dry season, there is not much rainfall, however, cold and stationary fronts occur at this time, and often bring heavy showers, especially in March. Kingston is in the rain shadow of the Blue Mountains; therefore, little to none of the moisture carried by the Northeast Trade Winds falls over Kingston, causing Kingston to be very dry in comparison to Portland and Saint Mary on the windward side of the Blue Mountains.

Kingston is on a coastal location, hence it comes under the influence of the sea, though dense urban development can negate this effect. In the 21st century, Kingston has experienced temperatures as high as In the Jamaican government expanded Kingston by constructing new homes in the west, north and east of the city.

This housing became highly segregated in terms of race and class and by the majority of white elites lived on the outskirts of the city.

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As Kingston's population grew, existing settlements became so densely occupied that marshes in the southwest were filled in to allow the development of new housing. By , continued population growth and poverty resulted in the emergence of slums in the east and west of the city. Later these areas were demolished by the government and residents were rehoused in Denham Town. This development accommodated 3, people, leaving more than one sixth of displaced resident homeless. Consequently, overcrowding persisted throughout the city and cramped living condition resulted in public health issues.

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Suburbanization also became significant and by the s this residential area spread to the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Subsequently, the lack of space and continued consumerism meant this area then expanded to the east of the mountains. The city of Kingston is home to a number of urban parks which are frequently transformed to accommodate various events and festivities on the Jamaican calendar.

The club gave the land measuring seven acres as a gift to the Jamaican Government. Several government members argued that the land should be converted into a business district, while others felt a multi-functional entertainment complex should be built on the site. The large financial input needed for either venture, was not forthcoming. In Cabinet granted approval for the transfer of the land to the National Housing Trust on the condition that a park was built and maintained at that location.

The land was transferred for one Jamaican dollar. This prominent sculpture comprises two naked black male and female statues gazing to the skies — symbolic of their triumphant rise from the horrors of slavery. The statue was unveiled in July , in time for the park's first anniversary [28] which caused an out cry from the Jamaican populace who believed that the blatant nudity and generous bodily proportions of the figures were very inappropriate to depict the freedom of black people.

The land situated by the foothills of the Blue Mountains was originally owned by Major Richard Hope from whom it got its name.

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