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Guide to Russia Online Genealogy Records for researching ancestry, family history and Perm Oblast Church Records Images and index (Russian only site. Odessa: A German-Russian Genealogical Library ยท United States, Obituaries.
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We can either copy our records onto paper or deliver them to you digitally. Visit us in Kew to see original documents or view online records for free. This is a short guide to finding records of births, marriages and deaths of British citizens at sea on British registered ships or in other countries.

These records could appear in a number of different places but your first port of call should be the General Register Office who, from the midth century onwards, officially maintained the records. There was no obligation to keep records of births, marriages or deaths at sea before the General Register Office was established. Birth, marriage and death registers of former British colonies were usually retained by the colony. Any marriage which took place on board a British vessel was not legally valid.

The armed forces records begin in and include records from military units posted overseas. The non-military records begin in , when civil registration was established. Marriages were registered in the country where they took place before notification was sent to the General Register Office, so local records of marriages may exist in some countries.

Search the registers of maritime births , marriages and deaths at Findmypast. For some years, however, there are no records at all. However, marriages on British registered ships were not legally valid and only a relatively small number of records for marriages at sea exist. We hold very few registers for ex-colonies as most were retained by the former colony. The British overseas: A guide to records of their births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials available in the United Kingdom Guildhall Library Publications, Most of the records in the following table are embassy and consular registers.

You cannot search these records online by name, only by year and place. Click on the series references below to search for a document reference for an individual register. These also include some church records; for others, see FO Petrograd, Leningrad Baptisms ; burials Registers of births and baptisms, , were returned to Tristan da Cunha in Live chat For quick pointers Tuesday to Saturday to Discovery is a catalogue of archival records across the UK and beyond, from which you can search 32 million records.

Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Skip to Main Content. Search our website Search our records. This is a dual language website. The Russian language is on the left.

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The English language is on the bottom right. The site is well worth browsing.

Shea mentioned above. This is a key site that is well worth exploring. It includes locations in parts of the former Russian Empire and Soviet Union. If your ancestor came into the United States between and , there is a good chance they came through Ellis Island.

This website is worth checking. This is Stephen P.

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Morse's site. It's an extremely important website for information on immigrants who disembarked at Ellis Island, but also includes a number of other ports of entry.

American Historical Society Of Germans From Russia

Browse other topics listed here as well. There is a large amount of genealogical data that can be discovered at these two sites. She located the Russian mother of her adopted daughter and is using what she has learned to help others. I became aware of this website in the January issue of Russian Life and have listed the article in the Periodical section above. According to a census taken in Russia in , there were approximately 1.

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The number of Germans had risen to only 1. This suggests that there were a large number of Germans who emigrated from Russia to other countries. The Society has a nicely set up homepage with access by topic on the left to a great deal of genealogical material. There is a good deal more here that is worth looking through. It has been estimated that more than half of the people who live in North Dakota are either from Russia or are of Russian descent.

Richardson article listed on the first page. Scroll down. Then click on St. Petersburg Archives. This is an extremely important set of records for descendants of Germans from Russia.

The National Archives has microfilmed a number of these applications. Click on Collections. Choose Document Index at the very top second line from the top of the page. Be patient. This is a long file and it may take a couple of minutes to download. It is estimated that over 3. Beider, Alexander. Teaneck, NJ: Avotaynu, Cohen, Chester G. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Feldblyum, Boris. Russian-Jewish Given Names. Bergenfield, NJ: Avotaynu, It also helps others locate you. Doing a keyword search here can turn up additional books. If you find something of interest, you may be able to obtain a copy of the book through your local library's Interlibrary Loan Department.

Near the top you will see a list that includes "Country Directory. Of special interest are the two sections on History and Libraries and Archives. Most entries list websites. Popup ads that block the site from view can be a bit of a pain on this site.

Just click the x in the upper right corner of the ad to get rid of it. Enter "Russia--Genealogy" as a subject heading. If you read Russian that is transliterated into the Roman alphabet, you will find a number of items. A popup ad about joining the NYPL sometimes blocks the main site from view.

Nadia (Sarah-Beila) Lipes

Click on their "Search" option to find records, genealogies, books, their catalog, and information on their wiki. Put the word "Russia" in their wiki and see how much you come up with. If you find a microfilm of information that has not yet been digitized, you can request that microfilm can be sent to the Family History Center branch closest to you. Routes to Roots is located in Seacaucus, New Jersey.

Weiner offers both archival research and tours to the areas listed above. Subscribe Login. Home Read Online Russian Genealogy. February 20, History Reference. This book is a must when you are dealing with unfamiliar languages. The two additional articles listed below deal specifically with Russian Archives.

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